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1. All the Schemes of RK Home appliances are subject to following Conditions.

2. All goods will be delivered only after the levy of service charge of the company and the taxes of the state and the central government.

3. The dates given for delivery of schemes are tentative only. They can extend upto 300 working days depending on the business conditions.

4. In the event of a customer withdrawing from scheme due to various reasons, the invested sum will be credited back only after 6 months without lien or interest.

5. For investments more than Rs.10,000/- aggregate by a single person during a financial year will have to be supported by basic KYC norms.

6. In the event of business slag, the invested sum along with RBI prescribed simple interest will be paid back to customers within 150 working days as per the discretion of the company.

7. The personal data of customers will not be disclosed to any persons. The data given will be protected as per the privacy protection act.

8. The company holds the right to terminate any scheme at any time and pay back the invested sum to the customer without giving any reasons. The company personally guarantees the customers for the invested sum only.

9. The company reserves right to disclose the details of customers to law enforcing agency.

10. All the terms and conditions are within the rule and law of the land.